Joshua Berger

Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) Project Manager

Joshua has 8 years of experience of mainstreaming biodiversity and particularly ecosystem services. He graduated from AgroParisTech, the top French engineering school for life sciences, with a major in environmental economics and then went on to work on ecological restoration, ecosystem service economic valuation, innovative financing mechanisms for biodiversity. He has worked in Europe, China and West Africa, locally, nationally and internationally. He has been leading the development of the GBS tool and animation of the Club of Business for Positive Biodiversity (B4B+) at CDC Biodiversité since 2018. The GBS is a tool seeking to assess the impacts on biodiversity of businesses and financial assets.

The impacts thus calculated can be used as performance indicators by businesses and investors to track and disclose their performance. Compatibility with planetary boundaries, and international and national targets can also be assessed with the GBS. The tool is being supported by 35+ businesses involved in the B4B+ Club and has been road-tested by about a dozen of them.