Tanguy Touffut

CEO, Descartes Underwriting SAS

Tanguy is one of the co-founders and the CEO of Descartes Underwriting, an InsurTech player. The team offers innovative insurance policies to protect companies and governments against naturalcatastrophes and adverse weather conditions thanks to new data sources such as satellite imagery. The team deploys cutting edge solutions which leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Descartes Underwriting is backed by BlackFin Capital Partners.

Tanguy was previously CEO and founder of AXA Global Parametrics and Head of parametric
insurance and agriculture at AXA Corporate Solutions

Tanguy began his career at Oliver Wyman Financial Services as a Project Manager specializing in banking and insurance, working in a dozen countries across Europe, North America and Africa

In 2010, Tanguy joined AXA as Head of Global Property and Casualty Strategy, before moving to AXA Corporate Solutions in 2013.

Tanguy holds a Master’s Degree in Science in Management from HEC Paris and a CEMS Master’s in International Management following his exchange in the University of St Gallen. He also studied in Tsinghua in China and holds a “DEA” in Economics awarded by l’Ecole Polytechnique, HEC and the

He is a father of two daughters. In his spare time he is a keen rugby enthusiast.